Contract Quality Custom Made

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US $499.00 US $379.00
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ARTeFAC takes pride in presenting Canadian made furniture that satisfies the tastes and needs of North American market. Every item is superbly finished, durable and backed with full warranty. 

Custom made items include bar counter stools, chairs, tables, and dinette sets. These products come with a 5 year warranty and comes fully assembled. 

12 Pieces minimum (with exception). Minimum tabletop quantity is 3 with a $45 upcharge. For orders less than $2000 net, a set-up / handling fee of $50 will be charged. Orders under $1000 must be paid in full with order.



Fabric C.O.M. measurements are accurate estimates. Always consult with an AMISCO Contract Sales Representative for final yardage requirements and forwarding directions. Production will not begin on any item requiring any type of fabric, C.O.M. by the purchaser, until all materials for the item ordered have arrived, been identified and inspected. The purchaser is responsible for ensuring that all materials are identifiable when received. The purchaser takes responsibility for the wear-ability, safety, or fire code validity of the materials supplied by the purchaser. AMISCO takes no responsibility for the selection of the customer materials chosen. AMISCO warranties do not extend to the customers materials supplied by the purchaser. Yardage based upon a 54" wide roll. Yardage is approximate and we will not be held responsible if additional yardage is required. Acknowledged ship dates are dependent upon the timely receipt of C.O.M

Delays in receiving the C.O.M. will result in the rescheduling of production. All C.O.M. must be shipped prepaid and clearly marked with your company name and purchase order number. Customer is responsible for freight charges and any fees associated with receipt of C.O.M. C.O.M. is simply received by AMISCO - not sold or purchased by.



  • Round up quantity required to even number
  • Multiply Even Quantity X C.O.M. yards in price guide
  • Add additional yardage: o 12 - 50 seats / add 2 yards o 50 - 200 seats / add 3 yards o 201 + seats / add 4 yards For pattern and Seat/Back splits please contact us.