Bar Stools & Kitchen Counter Stools

Leather Bar Stools 

ARTeFAC is a top source for elegant leather bar stools. Our bar stools, which are all handcrafted and built to last through years of heavy use, are available in several styles and in many different leather grains. We have a bar stool for every space. Our 30-inch high back bar stools are a classic version, and we also carry both counter height and seat height styles.

Our ARTeFAC bar stools are a favorite choice of restaurants and hotels from around the world. Our leather boutique, located in Toronto, is a great way for corporate and hotel decorators to come and see our entire collection. We are happy to consult with designers in person or over the phone to put together the right set of bar stools to match your vision. At ARTeFAC, no order is too big or too small, and every customer always receives the same attention to detail and friendly customer service that we are famous for. 

 Residential Bar Stools 

Many families find that adding a game room to their home is a wonderful way to create a space that becomes a natural gathering place for family and friends. Building a bar or purchasing an antique bar is a fun way to anchor a game room. Alternatively, many people like to have bars in their living rooms, dining rooms or dens. 

Bar stools are also fun, comfortable and elegant seating options for kitchen counters and pass-through style eating areas. We invite you to browse our website to view our full collection of beautiful leather bar stools and find the perfect one for you. If you have any questions, or don't see exactly what you are looking for, just give us a call and we'll make sure that we find it for you.

US $768.00 US $449.00
COLOUR: BLACK, Grey, White
US $459.00 US $374.00
US $599.00 US $298.00
US $599.00 US $478.00
COLOUR: BLACK, Key Lime, Terra Cotta
US $599.00 US $369.00
US $399.00 US $279.00
US $599.00 US $499.00
Leather Color: Distress Black, Peacock Blue , Vintage Brown, Vintage White
US $299.00 US $279.00
US $532.00 US $298.00
Fabric Color: Brown Fabric, Dark Granite Fabric , Tan Fabric
US $499.99 US $429.00
US $569.00 US $369.00
Fabric Color: Dark Charcoal Fabric, Light Charcoal Fabric
US $1,069.99 US $498.00
US $699.00 US $429.00
US $599.00 US $479.00
US $529.00 US $498.00
US $699.00 US $488.00
US $569.00 US $498.00
Seat Height: 25" Counter Height, 30" Bar Height
US $699.00 US $389.00
US $459.00 US $397.00
Size: 26" Counter Stool Height, 30" Bar Stool Height
US $399.00 US $229.00
HEIGHT: Bar 30", Counter 26"
US $499.99 US $429.00
US $699.00 US $379.00
MODEL: 27BR Azurite, 27BV Redcurry, 27BX Banana Bread, 27CB Pebble, 27CO Terra Nova, 27D8 Bark, 27DF Navy, 27DG Garnet, 27DH Blizzard, 27DX Marshmallow, 27EA Amazon, 27EK Grigio, 27EO Mystery, 27EP Licorice, 27HT Shiitake, 27HX Chelsea, 27JL Emerald, 27KE Cactus, 27KN Lemonade, 27KP Honeycomb
US $499.00 US $395.00
US $699.00 US $379.00
MODEL: 24DB Oyster, 24DH Blizzard
US $399.00 US $229.00
HEIGHT: Bar 30", Counter 26"
US $598.00 US $449.00
US $599.00 US $198.00
US $599.00 US $198.00